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inGroup Press launches LGBT Book Review Service

inGroup Press launches LGBT Book Review Service

The Pulitzer Prize Board Snubs Fiction in 2012

This hasn’t happened since the 70s, but yes, it’s happened before. This year, the Pulitzer Prize Board decided not to give its prestigious award to any works of fiction. It’s hard (cough-ridiculous-cough) to believe that none of the considered titles were worthy of the prize.

SkyMall is Getting a Makeover recently reported that SkyMall has been acquired by an affiliate of Najafi Cos. If you’ve ever been on an airplane, then you’re familiar with SkyMall.

Is KDP Select good for you?

When I started inGroup Press, I had every intention of embracing the technological revolution of publishing. I wanted our titles to be available on every type of e-book reader. At the time, the oldest and probably most famous LGBT publisher, Alyson Books, wasn’t publishing e-books.

Is Self-Publishing Creating a Sudden Mass of Teenage Authors?

Check out this story posted yesterday on about child authors whose self-published books are being financed by their parents. This isn’t a new phenomena, as Christopher Paolini’s parents self-published Eragon, which grew to become a big hit.

Is the Price of an E-Book Dropping?

According to an informative, stats-heavy blog post at, yes.

Most Nook Buyers are Women Aged 25 to 40

Claudia Romanini, Barnes & Noble’s director of developer relations, recently announced that most Nook buyers are women aged 25 to 40. The official figure is “over 70 percent.”

An Amish book on the New York Times Bestseller list

I noticed recently that we’ve been getting a lot of traffic for James Schwartz’s The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish coming from searches related to a recent memoir by Ira Wagler entitled Growing Up Amish.