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The Publeconomist:

A classically trained economist, navigating the future of publishing, and making up words as he goes along. This is the personal blog of Anthony DiFiore, Publisher at inGroup Press, a LGBT publishing company based in Chicago, IL.

inGroup Press:

inGroup Press is a fresh, young LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) publishing company with personality. We’re based in Chicago, yet we’re restlessly on the move for the most intriguing titles within the LGBT community. We believe in the future of publishing and we understand the importance of the Internet, and our mission is to find balance and fusion in a marriage between the two. A marriage that connects people to great stories, to exciting distractions, and to the evolution of lifestyle.

inGroup Press:

Staff / Correspondents:

Anthony DiFiore – Publisher at inGroup Press & Symbiont Books, and Head Blogger at The Publeconomist.

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