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The new Kindle DX is still cheaper than the cheapest iPad

I have to admit, as someone who practically dived head-first into the iPad camp, the Kindle DX has some very attractive features. For one, its battery life is amazing. Amazon advertises that this thing can run for two straight weeks on a single charge, without use of the 3G function. So for you airplane readers, this feature far exceeds anything that the iPad can compete with.

“A Pale Existence” on Amazon

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A Pale Existence on

What's the Value in $9.99?

“Available at booksellers everywhere except Amazon.” This was the controversial addition to a Thursday New York Times ad that Macmillan took out on behalf of author Atul Gawande’s “The Checklist Manifesto.”

Way to go indie booksellers!

Kudos to any small bookstores that tried to take advantage of the awful Amazon/Wal-Mart/Target pricing wars. Check out this Wall Street Journal article by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg and Miguel Bustillo. It’s sad that some of these small booksellers could get titles cheaper from Amazon than from the actual publishers! Anthony DiFiore, Publisher