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I Stand Corrected

A couple days ago I blogged about losing our first bid on a non-fiction title by an emerging gay author. I wrote that I visited the author’s Twitter account on Christmas Day to see that he’d just taken a call from his agent to learn that his book was sold. Having not heard anything, I assumed another publisher won the contract.

Some Updates

This past week some of my family members came down to Miami to celebrate Thanksgiving with JP and I. The previous year I spent Thanksgiving in Beijing with JP and no family members at all, so 2009 marked an improvement! Showing family around Miami was fun, and over the weekend we drove up to Disney [...]

Words of Wisdom

Do you follow inGroup Press on Twitter?? If not, click here, and start following us! We tweet about life, literature, politics, and usually always a bit on the silly side. If you haven’t been following us, here’s a sample of some “words of wisdom” that were tweeted this past week, when I had dinner with [...]

Twinks who buy drinks?

I recently wandered across this Boystown-based (Chicago) blog: Twinks Who Buy Drinks. Cute stuff, check it out. If you’re not sure what a twink is, it’s slang in the gay community for a young, thin guy. The term also usually carries some implications of ignorance, naivete, and sexual promiscuity. The author’s pitch is that he’s [...]


Hey everyone, just a quick note to check out our “Networks” page, listed above next to About Us and Submissions. As inGroup Press begins its long journey from crawling into walking (or from that screaming-little-baby phase where we’re waving our fists in the air and throwing up on everybody, into crawling), we’re going to be [...]

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